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Office of the 21st Century
Office of the 21st Century


Chances are you are holding in your hand a Fortune 500 company, a stock brokerage firm, a world class supermarket or an institution with global acclaim. Yes, you! Right in your own hand and I am serious about this.

Well, you must have heard people talk about the digital age, digital economy and other such terms but may not have taken time to meditate on those phrases or have someone show you how it affects you now and the future of work. I am writing this post to do just that and a little more, so follow me and you will get it.

Before, I proceed, let me tell you what you will gain if you read this post to the end.

  1. You will understand what the office of the 21st century is
  2. You will know how to work with this office to earn money
  3. You will know where to start, assuming you are a newbie in this area.

First thing you must note is that there is a shift happening now and it is happening real fast.

Having said that, let’s get into the business of the day.


The simplest definition of an office is a place where business is conducted. The type of business may vary according to the need of the individual or organization involved. Note that the key words are place, business and conduct. Now that we have a working definition let’s get to the main gist.

Main gist

I will not delve into the analysis of these keywords presented in the definition above but suffice it to say that any arrangement virtual or physical that allows you to conduct business qualifies to be called an office. So, what is the office of the 21st century? It is a place where business of the 21st century is conducted (See posts for the business of the 21st century here) and if you have not figured it out yet. It is called the internet.

Yes, the internet is the office of the 21st century. Hurray!!!

The same internet that allows you to watch a video on YouTube, chat with your friends on whatsapp, check out celebrity gossips on Linda Ikeji’s blog. The same, internet that allows you to post updates on Facebook or Instagram and post a video of yourself dancing to Love Nwantiti on Tiktok. That same internet is the office and in case you don’t know each time you engage in any of those activities described above, you are doing business.

For most people, they are the ones paying and never gaining a dime from the transaction. You will see how to change that, keep reading.

Here are some unique features of the office of the 21st century:

  1. Reach: Office of the 21st century defies location and has the potential of being accessible to anyone anywhere in the world.
  2. Timing: this office can be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year.
  3. Cost: this office can be built and managed at a very negligible cost (overhead included)
  4. Limit: you can own as many offices as you want.

Why should care? I don’t know about you but for me money is important and I care 100% about earning more of it. Hence, any opportunity to earn more at a near zero cost is welcome.

Now, that you know what the office of the 21st century is you may be asking yourself if you are qualified to own one and how to start. Here’s the thing, if you have a device that can access the internet, which I know you already do because you are reading this post then you have met the first criteria to building a 21st century office. Congratulations!

You may also be wondering, which business can I do? Well your answer is over here (look at the list of businesses of the 21st century). Choose one and build competence in it. You can choose more than one because as we said earlier there is no limits to the number of offices or businesses you can do here and you can also leverage other people in this case. Honestly, the office is far better and profitably run with other people no matter the number. You don’t have to wait till you can do everything on your own you can start today leveraging the resources others are willing to share with you to do profitable business here in the office of the 21st century.


May I remind you that the internet is the office of the 21st century? You can’t afford to be ignorant of the fact that anytime you do anytime over the internet you are in a business transaction either as a customer or a business owner. Also, you can run any of the businesses of the 21st century profitably in this offices of course you will be better off if you leverage the resources others are willing to share in doing this.

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